Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Arguably One Of The Best

         Did you know that one hour of tennis can burn five hundred calories?

It is the one sport where you can watch the tireless legs of a child, running down the cunningly placed ball of a wise and savvy minded grandparent.  It is the sport for everyone, the sport forever.  Age 5 or 95, tennis is enjoyed for the duration of an entire lifetime.

The accessibility of courts and the lower costs of entry level racquets have bridged the income spectrum.  You can buy a can of tennis balls for two dollars.  Right down the street in the park, or at your local high school, is a beautiful court ready to work out your body and mind.  Even tennis lessons have become more attainable for a broader class of kids and families. With the creation of new and better programs which meet the needs of everyone, an increasing number of people are finding that they too can capture the benefits of the sport.

It's a therapeutic workout for the brain as well as the body.  Focus, relax, strategize, analyze, run!  An art where every brush stroke sets up the other, culminating to reach a series of perfectly balanced cerebral and athletic achievements.

I don't have time!  No really, we don't have as much time as we used to, and every year seems to bring less.  Golf takes a good three hours to play.  We can't seem to find enough social or play time.  With tennis, at any time of day you can sneak away to meet a friend or three for a quick hour of rallying and enjoyable human interaction. You can even play inside if it happens to be some blithering sub frigid temperature, trading in those snowballs for tennis balls. With snow concealing most other options, once again its tennis to the rescue.  In storage is the golf bag, soccer ball, baseball glove, jousting lance, and, OK, maybe not that last one.

It is an individual sport.  Working independently to solve an equation while growing confidence and learning proper etiquette.  Is there another sport where honesty is such an important factor?  Tennis is a battle, but with integrity!  It's also a team sport, whether for high school, college, or Davis Cup.  The benefits of a good team dynamic are endless.  Hey kids... play college tennis!

We have such great role models to follow in tennis, not only with men, but women as well!!  How many sports can you think of where everyone that you know can recite the names of the top female stars.  But back to role models...... Arthur Ashe!  We can't begin to imagine the war that he fought every day, and won. Through tennis, he made a huge difference in so many peoples lives.  We can thank Billie Jean King for her magnificent effort in the women's rights movement.  Look up both of those names and you will be astounded at what they accomplished outside of tennis, but by using tennis as their conduit.

There are so many reasons that tennis is arguably one of the best sports being played anywhere in the world and...... wait, no, it is the best!

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