Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tennis Therapy

Therapy can take on many forms.  Nature, music, professional counceling, art, and meditation are just a few of the things that people find therapeutic value in.  Tennis has been proven in thousands of cases to be a priceless treatment for a variety of issues affecting copious numbers of people.  In this article I will mention a few of these situatoins. 

Two of the people I give tennis lessons to are in the Airforce.  Each  have spent time in either Iraq or Afghanistan.  Although we haven't discussed anything in detail,  from the little I know about their time overseas, both guys have been involved in situations which have caused atleast some levels of sub surface trama.  I can't help but think that channeling that energy into an ever improving tennis game must be prodigously theraputic.  Post tramatic stress disorder affects many soldiers that face tramatic experiences while serving our country.  I suggest that tennis could be used along with other treatments to aid the healing process for our military.

  ADHD has affected millions of people across the world in both children and adults.  One of the best ways to deal with hyperactivity is with an individual sport that you can improve upon over a lifetime.  Tennis is among the very few sports that are a perfect fit for those with ADHD.  Learning to play tennis is a training ground for improving attention spans and controlling emotions.   Kids with ADHD sometimes feel like they don't fit in on athletic teams.  In tennis, everyone fits in. The player is a one person team most of the time, but they do get to work as a team in doubles, when and if they choose to.  The kids that I have witnessed tend to develop a passion for the sport, which translates into a desire to work on the patience, control, and focus that it takes to become better players.  The interesting thing is, some of the ADHD symptoms actually end up being positive qualities on the court. Tennis also has them working hard to change the things hindering their tennis game, and their lives.

Women facing breast cancer have found increasingly successful treatments.  The 0 stage 5 year survival rate is now 93%, and the stage 1 is 88%.  These numbers are improving every year because of earlier diagnoses, better treatment, and healthier lifestyles.  There are now several breast cancer survivor tennis groups which do an amazing job promoting tennis for anyone who has battled the hurtful disease.  It came from the actuality that tennis is a sport for life.  Breast cancer survivors are using it as a life long physical and mental therapy that keeps them in shape, active and healthy.  Tennis is a positive pursuit that the enduring breast cancer survivor can develop and enjoy forever.

Tennis as a therapeutic tool has been professionaly recommended for many years, and for those perscribed, it has had life altering results. I see the benefits of using tennis as therapy to be endless, and for these very specific situations, the proof is undeniable.  

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