Monday, June 4, 2012

Create A Racket In The Yard

As a kid we all played sports in the backyard.  We learned a little bit about soccer, football, gymnastics or baseball, all on that lush green or not so green lawn right outside the back door.  We could spend hours throwing the ball or doing cartwheels, actually getting pretty good without much in the way of instruction.  Tennis really isn't any different.  Actually; I think it could lead to kids becoming great tennis players, simply by having a little family, backyard, racquet fun. Any old racquets will do just fine. (hint) Go to a sporting goods store or online and get a few foam tennis balls. Foam tennis balls are much more fun and a lot better for learning in the yard.  Tell the kids if they get really good at backyard tennis, maybe you'll take them to a real tennis court someday!  Bring the foam balls there too :)

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